Do you want to discover a craftsmanship or find an original handmade object? Go and meet the craftsmen of Sarthe. Art workshops or designer boutiques together, a visit is a must!

The glassblowers of the Loir Valley

Head to the Loir Valley, to Nicolas and Lucille Pinquier to discover the magic of working with glass. In their workshop located in the charming village of Poncé-sur-le-Loir, discover the fascinating profession of glassblower.

From bubbled glass to blown sculpture, shapes and colors come to life in the workshop. Lamps, vases, perfume bottles and decorative objects are presented in the shop adjoining the Verrerie d’art des Coteaux. The nearby glass garden provides a place of original inspiration.

Traditional knives at the Château de Montmirail

The Small City of Character of Montmirail is famous for its medieval and Renaissance castle. But did you know that there is also an artisanal cutlery workshop there? From a meeting between Philippe Herbelin, owner of the Château de Montmirail, and Pascal Turpin, craftsman-tool maker, the “Le Montmirail” knife was born in 2019. This first model is inspired by the knives of the 13th and 14th centuries with a handle made from of the old beams of the castle.

Since then, L’Astelle Montmirail puts its artisanal know-how in the manufacture of knives at the service of the general public. Folding pocket knives, table knives or “car knives” with the profile of a Jaguar are made entirely by hand in this workshop in Sarthe.

Ancient ceramic jewelry in Malicorne

After discovering Malicorne earthenware shards in her garden, Clélia Chotard decided to use small pieces of old plates to enhance them. She then integrates these ceramic fragments into original creations: earrings, rings, pendants, brooches or even cufflinks.

Its approach is part of the upcycling movement, which consists of reusing raw materials to create new products.

Wearing the jewels of the Vézanne workshop also means awakening heritage, transmitting the art of Malicorne earthenware in an original way by giving it the power to tell a new story!

The shops of artistic craftsmen’s collectives in Sarthe

Are you looking for an original object handmade by a Sarthois craftsman? Discover two local designer boutiques, one in Le Mans and the other in Malicorne-sur-Sarthe.

At the heart of artists in Le Mans

A collective of local creators which brings together more than 40 craftsmen has settled in the city center of Le Mans. The shop coupled with an outdoor tea room is located on the site of La Visitation. Craftsmen welcome you in an atmosphere that is both artistic and gourmet. You will find a wide range of unique creations between jewelry, clothing, beauty products, furniture and decorative objects.

The crafts shop in Malicorne

In the heart of Malicorne, capital of earthenware labeled Ville & Métiers d’art, find artists and craftsmen at the Métiers d’Art shop . Leather bags, candles, ceramics, lamps, hats, metal or wooden decorative objects, art glassware…: here everything is handmade and each piece is unique! Throughout the year, certain artists and craftsmen follow one another allowing visitors to discover new talents.

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